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It's been a long time since you've seen this good a cigar at such an affordable price. It's real value for your money. Of course, part of the reason we're able to bring this good a cigar to you at less than 75 cents apiece is because you buy them in bundles. When there's no …

Good Construction, Bad Flavor

By AgentJuggernaut from Salt Lake City, UT on 5/15/2011


2out of 5

Pros: Well Constructed, Easy To Light, Good Draw

Cons: Ammonia-y Flavor

Describe Yourself: Cigar Aficionado

The black label coronas were a well constructed cigar. The draw was smooth and it held together very well. However, the flavor had heavy doses of ammoniaesque flavors that really detracted from the enjoyment of these cigars. Maybe aging them for awhile would make a difference, but they are certainly not a cigar I’d recommend right off the truck.



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