One Mod and Almost One Week Down

Stevens Henager College is Great... but it'd be better if they gave me a sweet sweatshirt.

It’s Thursday, I’m okay with Thursday. It’s usually the last day of the work week that’s really boring. Friday afternoon and Saturdays are usually pretty busy and I actually have to help customers. Then for a nice change, I have Sunday and Monday off. No work, no class, just me and plenty of time on my hands to catch up on house work and potentially smoke some cigars. Maybe I’ll finally smoke one of the Cubans that have been resting in my humidor for the last 2 or 3 weeks. I could use some company when smoking cigars this weekend. I wonder if I could find any one for that. Maybe I can hit the Tinder Box and pick up a couple milder smokes, or something something infused.

Anyway, most of this post will be about school, and the fact that I’m really enjoying it. The Psychology of Motivation class in the first module at Stevens Henager was fun, presentations are actually a lot of fun when you do them right… or you do them laughably badly like I did. Regardless, it was a good time and it taught me some things about myself that I hadn’t really considered. Something to be said for that. I didn’t score as well in the class as I would have liked, mostly because of the passing of people important to me. That kind of thing throws people off, unless they are made of stone. I am not made of stone, I just sell it… sometimes.

My two current classes are an English class (Interpersonal Communications specifically) and Introduction to Computers (So I can learn the basics of MS Office on Mac). Intro to computers has been kind of an adventure, because Macs are new to me, the MS Office suite isn’t the same on Mac as it is on PC. Since I’ve picked things up quickly, I’ve been helping out my classmates wherever possible. Although it does take away a bit from my learning, I know most of the basics of the software, it’s just learning where everything is in the menus of the Mac. It doesn’t hurt that I like my classmates, unlike a lot of people I spend a decent amount of time around, they recharge me. The thought has crossed my mind that I’m being used because I’m brilliant and as soon as they catch up I’ll be back to square one. I don’t get that feeling though, and that’s a good sign.

Interpersonal Communications has been more interesting to me. Not so much the personality type information which I picked up during Psychology of Motivation, but attachment types, and general cultural studies. It’s early on, but I’m really feeling like this class can be really helpful in learning the whys behind what we do to communicate and get what we want when communicating. I figure it’ll help in future interviews and with attracting and negotiating with future clients when I go into business for myself in the next 5 or 6 years. I think it can serve me more than that, but since my primary motivation for going to school is to acquire the skills I need to go into business for myself, that’s what I’m focusing on.

Overall, I’m liking the Stevens Henager Experience a lot more than I did at DeVry. I feel like my classmates have more motivation than the ones I had gotten to know a little bit at DeVry. The fact that Stevens Henager’s classes more at a much quicker pace, it makes it more challenging, but it also keeps it from becoming boring. I get bored easily with classes and such, usually after about 4 weeks I’m ready for something new. Stevens Henager does that for me, and that keeps me on the stick, so to speak. I look forward to continuing my education and getting to the point where I can start utilizing my skills to put together a personal website that if I do it right, can lead me to some clients for my expected successful business. I know what I want, and for a change I feel like I’m getting closer to getting it. It’s a great feeling. I can take on the world, and I can win. Why? Because I’m awesome.


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