Starting the Process

It's me on the first day of the rest of my life.

Today is Tuesday, although since yesterday was a holiday I’m treating it as a Monday for most intents and purposes. At the end of this week I will have completed one and a half modules at Stevens Henager College. I’m feeling pretty confident so far, but I know the classes that I will most likely struggle the most with are coming soon. Those being the classes for the various software necessary for graphic arts and web design. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and so on. While I think I’ll be fine and as long as I pay attention I can handle the work load. Since I want to be able to turn the web design portion of my education into a career, these are perhaps the most important classes I have to take my entire career as a Graphic Arts student at Stevens Henager. Still, I feel like I’ve built some good will with my classmates, and have offered to be a study helper and such for them, I think if I struggle I can get some help from them. They’ve all got the capability to succeed in them, each of them for different reasons, but they’re all going to do wonderfully after graduation. So, while the apprehension is building inside for some of the upcoming classes, I’m sure with a good work ethic and a little help from people I am willing to call friends, I’ll be alright.

Overall, I’m feeling really good about life in general. I’ve gotten back to my morning workout routine, although it’s left me a little sleep deprived this morning. I’m thinking it will ultimately be a good thing, to be able to work out in the morning, get the blood pumping and burn some calories in the morning. With my class schedule shaping up as it is, the morning is the best time for me to get the work done. Even without the workouts, I’ve dropped about 7 pounds from my heaviest weight this year. That’s always a good thing, and if I burn more calories and keep doing what I have been doing, I’ll be in position to get down in to the mid to upper 200s. While that’s not where my ultimate goal lies, it’s a good place to get to before the end of this year. I feel more confident now, maybe it’s my classmates having a positive effect on me, maybe it’s the workout, maybe it’s the promise of new possiblities if I can complete my degree. I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is that I’m feeling good. Ideally I will keep this feeling good train rolling, although it’s hard sometimes when there’s a lot of things around that can bring me down.

On the feeling good theme, and since I mentioned my classmates, I think once Tasha and I get moved into our new place it’s time to host what my fellow cigar smokers and I refer to as a herf. Basically a get together with friends (old and new) to smoke cigars, and enjoy one another’s company. While I don’t expect all of my classmates to want to come and smoke cigars, I’m not going to force the issue. While it would be nice to have a friend who enjoys the cigar lifestyle like I do, I won’t force people to smoke if they don’t want to. I refuse to be the guy who pushes friends into things just so they fit into what I think should be social activities. While sometimes I need to be more assertive, the smoking issue with friends is not one of them. As long as my classmates enjoy well prepared food grilled, then it’ll be a good idea and it should fly. I need to forget my failures to get something like this off the ground before, because I realize now it’s not my fault. I fulfilled my obligation for people to understand, if they interpreted it as they didn’t need to be there, that’s their issue, not mine. Clear conscience, clear mind.

Ultimately, I set out to make this year a year of self improvement. Now, nearly six months later, I feel like I’m making some real progress on that front. Once I get physically better, and mentally healthier, then I can focus on what is ultimately my biggest issue, my lack of assertive communication. I need to be more assertive and more effective in my communication. Once I do that, I will be ready to take on the world… and win. Winning is a lot like bubbles, everyone likes bubbles.

Before I finish this entry, I want to say thank you. To members of the Armed Forces of the United States who go off to fight battles to defend this nation, and the freedom of the people who live in the country. I posted a status about it on facebook yesterday, and now I write it here. Thank you, there’s a least one person in this country who appreciates everything you do, the sacrifices you make to allow me to live the kind of life I want to live, and to give me the time to make the changes I need to make to improve my life. You men and women are the best, and I thank you.

To everyone reading this blog, I wish you all the best returns from the day. I have nothing but love for all of you.


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  1. I wish you well with your weight loss journey.

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