It’s Friday, Friday…

Yes, it’s Friday but it really does not feel like a Friday. I think the holiday weekend threw things off a bit for me. I’m alright with it, but really it doesn’t matter. After this week I’ll be on my regular schedule as much as I can be with the moving that needs to be done. Working 6 days a week, going to class 4 evenings a week, and then moving on the weekends and perhaps whenever I have free time after work. I’m not sure if I’m really excited about moving. I mean, on one hand it’ll be nice to be in a place that has a yard so I don’t have to take the wieners for a walk in the middle of the night. I can let them outside to do their business and then bring them back in. On the other hand, I have to move a lot of the stuff in our current apartment to the new place myself. I’ll need a hand with some of the bigger stuff (The TVs, couches, bed, and so on), but most of the smaller stuff I know it’ll be up to me to get it all into the new place. So I’m torn on how I feel about this move.

Speaking of class, I’m not really sure how I feel about my applications class. I mean, yeah I’m learning how to use Word, Excel and next week Powerpoint, but at this point I think it would have gone more quickly if I had been left to my own devices on this one. My instructor is a nice enough guy, but I really don’t think he has a clue how to do anything relating to the class. Since I’m running the MS Office software on a Mac it adds another degree of difficulty to anything in the course. At this point I’m almost teaching the Mac side of the class, luckily my fellow GA students have picked things up quickly so I’m not as needed as I was. I just hope in the classes that I don’t have a working knowledge of the software involved the instructor(s) is(are) more competent in teaching the material.

Of course, relating to class is my final project for the class an APA format paper on anything I find interesting. Of course, I intend to write it about cigars, where they come from, care and storage, and the act of smoking cigars. It’s interesting to me, and frankly I think it’s awesome. Maybe it’ll help me find some folks to smoke with and give me a reason to stock my humidors with some Dominican and other lighter bodied smokes, maybe some flavor infused smokes as well. There’s a lot of information out there to be had, just a matter of finding it and sourcing it for my paper. Then there will come time to make a Powerpoint presentation for it… which should be pretty simple just need to find the photos to use in my powerpoint slides.

All things considered, I’m feeling good today. I’ll feel better when I get my paycheck and I can cash it and take care of a few things that need taken care of. Once I do that, then I can focus on my classwork and moving. I’m not going to let myself down. I’m the only one I know I can rely on. I will fight, I will WIN! I am the Show and I am AMAAAAAAAAAAZING!


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