So It’s Been an Eventful Week

This Week Was Not Over Exciting

Today it’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday…

Sorry about that, the song is very catchy though. It’s been an eventful week, working has been the usual chore, but I’m surviving okay and honestly since I’ve been trying to be a better person things have been better overall at work. That’s not to say that I’m happy here, but now coming to work doesn’t leave me feeling like ripping the heart out of a small child in front of their mother while kicking their puppy. So, there is that. It doesn’t hurt that I had an interview for a new position earlier this week. While the base pay isn’t as good as what I’m getting now I could make more with my base wage and commission. So I am considering it, although I have to get into a second interview before getting too excited about potential.

Tasha has a new car, which is probably the biggest event of the week. I co-signed for her, but really it’s her car I’m just doing what I can to help out. So there is that, added GAP insurance and extended the bumper to bumper coverage on the vehicle so that bumped up the monthly payments a bit, but overall it’s not bad and honestly I think it’s worth the extra expense. The best part of it is that I know where to look for a vehicle when it comes time for me to trade in my truck. Although I probably won’t go with a truck as my next vehicle I’m sure a good car will be there for me. So that’s exciting.

I’ve lost 10 pounds over the last couple weeks, without exercising. I have cut down on caffeine which I usually get from soda, so that’s also cut down on my sugar intake. I’m sure that’s playing a role in my weight loss. If I can cut out soda entirely I’m sure I’ll drop a few more pounds without working out or anything like that. I drink a lot of water now, something like 18 glasses a day. Not so much because I’m worried about hydration, I just like to have something to drink throughout the day. Water is a good choice because it’s pretty easy to flush out of the system when I have too much.

On another note, I may be on the way to having someone to regularly smoke cigars with. Not that I honestly expect that to come to fruition, it’s a nice thought. I was surprised when my powerpoint presentation about cigar storage and smoking was so well received. I was more surprised when one of my classmates asked about one of the cigars I specifically mentioned during the presentation. So like I do with anyone else with what appears to be more than a passing interest in the cigar smoking hobby, I offered to let her tag along when I next get out to The Tinder Box. Although I’m not completely sure when I’ll next get out there to pick up some singles. I do know I want to take a look out there in the near future for some Fuente Opus X’s. If only so I have a second cigar available to celebrate my graduation, or maybe my impending wedding.

So, while it’s been eventful this week, it hasn’t been a bad sort of eventful week. When I get home from work tonight I have to finish taking down the Christmas Tree (stored it decorated, since we didn’t decide to move until last month) and getting boxes out of storage and packing things that aren’t being used daily. Since I have this weekend free of most of my scholastic responsibilities I think I can make a serious dent in the moving process. I’m hoping anyway. In the meantime, you folks have a great day.


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  1. Kristin Brænne

    Have a great weekend!

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