Destiny… How Does it Work?

It’s Father’s Day and I made my call to my Father wishing him a Happy day. Although I doubt it will be for him since his father passed away about a month and a half ago. Hard to have a happy father’s day with that kind of thing still fresh in mind. That’s not really the purpose of this post, Father’s Day is important but how I share that with my father, stepfather, grandfathers and future father in law is not something really meant for public consumption.

No, this is about a thought that crossed my mind. Sitting on the porch, smoking a Honduran cigar and just kind of reflecting on life. I think about how I ended up here in Salt Lake City. I also recall how a few months before I started talking to my now-fiancee I was trying to be a boyfriend to another woman who was originally from the Salt Lake area. That girl and I hit it off pretty well, not well enough to build a relationship or anything but certainly enough to have a good time without awkwardness. I knew her for about two months, we worked together and on at least a couple of occasions spent time together outside of work. I liked her, more than I had any right to, and made sure she knew it. Maybe I missed the signs, or more likely misread the signs, but she and I didn’t get together. She moved to Las Vegas because it was apparently too cold in Pittsburgh. About 2 years later, I move to Salt Lake City. I wonder, mostly for the sake of curiosity about destiny, if meeting her was meant to have destiny show me what was in store for my life. I haven’t really put a lot of deep thought into it or anything like that, but it struck me as kind of an odd coincidence.

I’m not one to put a lot of stock into the idea of destiny, fate, or anything like that. I believe more in myself and my ability to react to things happening around me, more than the idea that destiny or any other higher power is leading me where I’m going. It’s still an interesting thought, that maybe something I encountered long before my move was meant to foreshadow my own move to a brand new city, to meet brand new people, and basically build a brand new life. The experience of getting to Salt Lake City and building a life for myself has certainly helped me. It forced me to become a man, instead of running back to Mommy and Daddy. Sometimes I think I work best when I don’t have a safety net, so to speak. I guess I find it easier to succeed when failure is not an option. I’ve built an alright life for myself, I have a steady (if unfulfilling) job, I’m going to school to get a degree, I’m engaged to be married, and I’m starting to make some good friends (at least I hope they’ll become good friends still early in the process). Things are progressing for me, I’m just kind of sorry it took so long for me to grow up.

Even though I’m happy with my life, I’m still wondering. Destiny… how does it work?


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