Rainy Days and Mondays

It rained yesterday, it’s been raining a lot here in Utah this spring and summer. I don’t mind, I like the rain usually. What I do mind is that it has been raining while I’ve been trying to get things moved to the new place. Instead of taking 20 or 30 boxes over to the new place to make an actual dent in the work needing to be done in the whole moving process. It’s limited to what I can carry in the cab of my truck, which is approximately 4-5 boxes depending on their size. Today is Monday and I need to see about getting a class switched up over at Stevens-Henager. I’m hoping to be able to take my history class online this module, but in a pinch I’ll do two classes next module. I’m sure it’ll be fine either way, but I need time to get things moved into the new place… and to start shopping for charcoal grills (cause you just don’t get the flavor with gas).

I’m slowly but surely making my way to where I want to go in my life. Tasha and I have been in a good groove in our communication and all of that. Work is going well, I started the interview process with another company, because there’s the potential to make more money there than where I am now. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve stagnated here at Francini. I know it’s partially my fault, and I accept that. I’ve become too disillusioned to really care about anything more than collecting my paycheck. There’s still no accountability here. If I start coming in at 10 every day I doubt anything would happen to me. If I started leaving at 3 every day I doubt anything would happen to me. It’s hard to know what any one wants here, because I’m not sure they know what they want. Still, it’s not a bad place to work. It just takes more ability to ignore the bullshit than I have. I’m sure the higher ups are reading this and I’m sure they’re not happy about it. I’m fine with that too. I think there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of on a company wide level, as well as a local office level.

Wow, that paragraph got negative pretty quickly. I don’t mind the work, it’s easy work once you get the names and grades of materials down. The computer system in place to help maintain inventory and streamline the whole sales process is a fine system. In fact, I don’t think we’re using the system to it’s full capability. It should make the whole work day simpler for everyone involved. It should make communication easier than it has been here and all of that. So while it’s doing well for us, it’s not being used to it’s full capability and I think that’s hamstringing us a little bit. My co-workers while not reliable, are great when they are here and doing their jobs. If the purse strings would be opened up to upgrade the computer systems so that I don’t have to completely wipe systems every couple of months, that would be fantastic too. Still, we just opened a new office so I can understand why there’s not a lot of money being spent on things that aren’t completely necessary to the operation of an existing office. There really is a lot to like about the place, but again there’s a lot of crap that needs to be waded through to get to the best parts.

Still, this has the potential to be a very good week. If we can get things moved quickly throughout the week and this weekend it should mean we have very little actual cleaning to do in the old apartment. The sooner we can get into the new place, the sooner I can start shopping for an inexpensive grill for a small gathering with my classmates, and maybe a couple of co-workers (not likely on the co-worker front). Grill some meat, smoke some cigars, drink some frosty adult beverages. It could be a lot of fun, for everyone involved. It’s been awhile since I tried to host a party, almost 3 years in fact. At least this time I know it can’t be worse than the last birthday ‘party’ I had in Pittsburgh. When I had people tell me that they’d be there, swearing up and down with me they’d be there, only for no one to show up. I tried to spin it positively to myself (“More beer for me”). So if one person shows up, it’s a step in the right direction, and that’s all I really want right now.

Regardless I feel that things are going well. Let’s keep this train rolling. Have a great week, boys and girls.


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