The Horizon

Bring me this HorizonIt’s Tuesday, and I don’t have to go into school for a class tonight. I actually like the fact that my online course is more like an actual history class than an excuse to write a paper. So there is that, while I’ll miss not being in class with some of my classmates, I have other responsibilities to take care of at home. If they expect to party with me and some fine cigars I have to get moved.

I just got off the phone with a company called Clearlink about a position they have open for an inside sales representative. I’m going in for a second interview tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll probably break out one of my neckties to go with the white shirt and black slacks. I need to remember to ask to see the commission structure and things of that nature. Since the ease (or lack thereof) of collecting commission is really the dealbreaker on this particular interview. If I can’t collection commission relatively easily I don’t know if I’ll be taking the job. Of course, if the time table isn’t right I won’t be taking the job either. I have things I need to accomplish and I’d rather not burn my bridge here at Francini if I don’t have to. While I’m not happy with my experience here, I can not leave them in a lurch. Damn me and my ethics.

In the more immediate future, I have to get some boxes moved to the new place after work tonight. My plan is go home, take the wieners out. Gather up boxes and fill the truck bed. Take said boxes over to the new place, unpack, finalize some details with the first month’s rent, then come home and make some dinner. Whether it goes the way I want it to is another matter entirely. Hopefully we’ll get all the actual moving done by this weekend, leaving only clean up for the last week in the old apartment. That is the goal right now. Doing all of this, and keeping up in my classes is going to be a little difficult to pull off, but if I can do this, well I can do almost anything.

I am really looking forward to this move. I’m also looking forward to being successful in my classes. I feel like if I can do well in my classes, I will be fine when I get into the real world. Once I get into the web design stuff I can put together a portfolio website to show off what I’ve done and all of that. Who knows maybe it’ll lead to getting some web design work before moving on from whatever I may be doing at that moment in time. Who knows if I can get rolling quickly I may move beyond my Five Year Plan and turn it into a 2 or 3 year plan. That would be awesome. Maybe doing freelance work while doing whatever job I’m holding then is the best starting point. Who knows, I don’t have the skills to make too big a fuss about it right now.

I have a lot to do this week, and less time to do it in. I’ll make it work though, cause I’m awesome like that.


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