Almost There

Moving is Hard...

Today is Tuesday this weekend has been dedicated to moving furniture into the new place as well as everything else. It’s been a ridiculous weekend and honestly I would really like not to move again ever. It’s a pipe dream at this point, but I really could make myself love a place if it meant that I never have to move again. I mean, rent is much lower at this new place than it was at the old place something in the neighborhood of $200 less a month, so there is that. So, in theory I can do two things with these savings that would make me happy… ish.

One, I could start putting money into a savings account, to save for the wedding, down payment on a new truck, or a number of other things. That would be smart, and honestly at this point I think it’ll be a good idea for me to start socking away $75-100 a week until I have 2 or 3 grand put back to get myself a new Chevy truck (probably a Colorado). It would take about 20 weeks or 5 months to get to 2 grand, and about 6 or so for 3 grand. Since my current truck isn’t worth anything, I’d have to figure out what to do with it, maybe if I use it in a trade, which would pay it off and all of that noise. It’s a thought, and one I intend to consider. I could also pay 50 extra on my truck a week, and use the rest of my potential savings to put into a savings account for the wedding or something along those lines.

My other option is to invest in the habits that make me happiest. Such as more cigars, more cigar storage, and more video games. I do intend to pick up more cigars it’s not going to eat up the rest of my funds. I may pick up an extra bundle a month or something and I have plenty of storage currently, so there is that. I don’t play video games enough to really justify investing more into that habit, unless I trade in for a new Xbox 360 and the Kinect peripheral. Still, that’s highly unlikely and thus this isn’t a realistic option.

Maybe, I need to do something like one week put away $100 into a savings account, the following week pay an additional $100 on my truck. Another $200 on the truck should speed up the payoff process and the savings would make getting the wedding paid for that much easier. So, I think that may be the route I ultimately go. I just have to be solid in my quest to avoid spending too much money. Live on a shoestring budget as much as possible, and all of that. Who knows, if the things I’ve put forward at work go through then I’ll have more money to work with and can get my truck paid off sooner, and use it as a trade towards a new truck, as well as what I hope will be a couple thousand extra dollars to put down. I priced out both Silverados and Colorados today, and they’re about the same price but the Colorado will serve me a little better day to day than the Silverado would.

Need to stop getting ahead of myself though. I have to get the moving done, and then get the rent paid for July. Then I can start working on my master plan. In the meantime, it’s time to pretend I’m here to work.


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