If You Want Something…

I’ve been prone to saying things like “If you want something to happen, you have to make it happen.” Well, that’s where I’m at right now. I want something to happen for me professionally, so I’ve gone through and adjusted my resume, really cleaned it up, made it very simplistic. A resume that is about substance more than style, kind of like I am. I’ve also written a basic cover letter to throw up on sites like Monster, so I can present a little more professional image when I submit a resume. That should help me get in for interviews, from there it’s just a matter of presenting myself well in the interview. I know I can do that, because I’m pretty awesome. I don’t know if I need to clean up my facebook page, I’m actually pretty hard to find via search. So it may not be as much of a concern as some people make it out to be. Even so, I think most of my information is as private as it can be on facebook.

I’ve come to the conclusion I do not belong here. I tried my best to be positive, and I’ve made some changes in my work environment to try and really help me feel more like I belong here, like I actually do work here. I’ve tried telling myself that I need to stay here until I finish my degree, but I can’t do it. Particularly after being told I need to change the way I do things, a way that works, because it makes someone else’s life difficult. What is up with that? So, I made my decision, I think I may set a deadline to leave here, regardless of whether or not I have something else lined up in the way of gainful employment. I don’t belong here, and now I’m doing something about it.

I have the skills to do a lot of things, and thanks to my graphic arts degree path, I’m in position to add a lot of other skills. So I have something to offer an employer who isn’t afraid of change, and actually gives a damn about what is going in their facilities. I seem bitter, and maybe I am. That’s a different post altogether, all I know is I need to make something happen and something will happen. Why? Because I am The Show and I am AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING.


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