I enjoy Sundays, even though they’re not so much a day off as they are a day to catch up. I can do my laundry, clean what I need to clean up. With that said, I need to get on track with a lot of things. I’m waiting for the storage area here to get cleaned up so the extra bedroom can be cleaned up for our new roommate. While I’m moving those boxes and such, I can go through them and get things out that need to be gotten out. There are some things I need to get out, like my extra body wash and things of that nature. There’s also things I want to get out, like my Rock Band games, Rock Band 2 and LEGO: Rock Band. I also need to get to work on improving my body once again. I have to start working out, burning fat. While I feel like I’m leaner now, I know I can do better, be a better looking man.

Still, I know I have to work more than just on Sundays. I have to find more energy throughout the week. I’m sure part of that will come when and if I start working out again. I also know that if I do more, I’ll build my self esteem which up until a couple weeks ago… was at pretty high levels. I’ve been allowing things I can’t control rule me. I need to break that habit, try to build on the good energy producers I have in my life. I need to bring back some of the good things that I had when I basically lived in my other persona, The Show needs to make a comeback. Not that he was ever gone, just… resting, waiting for the right time to make a comeback. I’m having more moments of Show-dom than I used to, and while it may drive some people in my life insane, it’s going to make me better. When I’m better, better things will happen to me. I need to get my life back on the right track. I will do that.

I will make things right for me, because I’m the most important person in my life. Without me, no one else in my life is there. Period, end of sentence.


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