The Longer I Work Here…

The longer I work here, the less I actually enjoy it. I mean the work itself isn’t bad. I help a handful of customers each week, and deal with fabricators even less than that. What the work itself doesn’t really help with is the fact that I have the most obnoxious co-workers. It’d be different if they were obnoxious but making sales… but it seems like they’re obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious. I realize there is an echo here in the showroom, but you don’t have to yell because you know some of us do not care what nonsense you’re babbling on about. I have more of a headache than usual today. I could complain more about it, but I’m sure I already have and it’s really a part of a bigger problem.

I have a toxic work environment, to say the least. A manager who manages not to manage anything. Sales representatives to come in to work at least half an hour late every day, then proceed to take hour and a half to two hour lunches. It’s ridiculous. I’d complain, but that won’t get anything done. The owner of the company is only concerned with the bottom line, employee morale or having a workplace that people actually want to come to are secondary concerns (at best). The longer I work here, the more I realize that the place isn’t going to last very long at all. The only reason it might last is that the owner apparently bought the land the building sits on, so may as well keep trying to sell out of it and get some return on that investment.

Lately there has actually been communication from the corporate office about how we are doing in regards to sales and which sales reps are actually making sales. The most interesting thing to me is that I’m not making as many sales as my co-workers which is no surprise. Up until about 2 weeks ago I was sitting in a back office just taking care of the company computers, not actually helping customers. I’ve come up front and I help more customers, but the traffic isn’t here like it was when I started and before we hired Candace and Eliana, my two obnoxious co-workers. I remember when Candace was hired, I had no clue why we actually needed her… I was handling most of the customers myself and things were fine. We added more sales reps than we needed and now that the housing slowdown is finally hitting us, we’re not making enough money. At this point we’re behind where we were at this time last year. If we don’t pull out of this nosedive soon, there will be layoffs (or firings)… which is why I’m looking for work.

This is one of the files on display in my portfolio

Speaking of looking for work. I’ve started uploading my graphic arts work to an online portfolio see if I can start getting some freelance work to supplement my income. Since photoshop is the only class I’ve taken so far, those are the only items uploaded to my online portfolio. One of the images uploaded is a re-completion of an assignment that I did rather poorly on. I think it’s turned out well. There are two other assignments I want to get redone and uploaded, but one thing at a time. I’m also looking forward to starting my design tools class. This is apparently going to be a good way for me to learn to use Adobe’s InDesign software. If it helps me become employable as a graphic artist, I’m all for it. The more I can add to my portfolio the better. I need to get out of this company.


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