6:27 AM

It’s 6:27 am here in Salt Lake City, and I’ve been awake for nearly an hour. I’m feeling pretty good this morning, and that’s kind of a surprise. I had one of those days at work, I helped exactly one customer, but I was with that customer for nearly 3 hours. While helping a customer isn’t a big deal, the sore throat I had because the customer had no clue what she actually wanted is another matter entirely. Still I got the information down, and as long as she doesn’t change her mind it’s all good.

Been in a pretty good mood since yesterday afternoon after one of my co-workers commented that it looked like I had lost weight. I haven’t actively been trying to lose weight, but I know my eating habits have changed since the move. I’m not eating as much as I used to, I’m not eating terribly healthy but the fact I’m eating less is certainly playing a role in my weight loss. I think part of it stems from having to share a kitchen, so making dinner is more of a production than it was. Going upstairs, cooking, and then bringing plated food downstairs has really curtailed my enjoyment of cooking, well not so much cooking but it’s a somewhat awkward situation when I am upstairs making a meal. So, I’m getting results, but they’re probably not the healthiest of results.

I also really enjoyed my class yesterday, it’s a tools of design class but what it boils down to is using Adobe InDesign. Based on the very beginning of class, I think this will be a pretty easy class to get through and I should be able to nail down a solid A in the class, help bring my GPA back up to the level I’m accustomed to. I really want to stay on the Dean’s List, or with a lot of hard work move up to the President’s List. Not going to stress about it, take it one or two classes at a time and then deal with any new acclaim when it comes.

I also got some new cigars for my collection yesterday. Two five packs, one of the five packs was of Cu-Avana Intenso Punisher torpedoes they’re 6 inches long with a ring gauge of 52. I’ve had some of Cu-Avana’s Intenso line, but not the Punisher so after some rest in the humidor I’m looking forward to smoking one of them. I also got a five pack of ACID Cold Tea Infusion lonsdales. I’m not a huge fan of flavor infused cigars, usually, but the Cold Tea Infusion is different. The iced tea flavor is quite delicious and I keep them as a change of pace smoke. They have a length of 6.75 inches and ring gauge of 44, and are easily my favorite cigar from Drew Estate’s ACID line. All told my humidors have 48 cigars in them (I gave away one of the Cold Tea Infusions to one of the girls in my class). 44 in my main humidor, and then 4 in my second humidor (which I plan to use for flavored cigars, I intend to keep a decent supply of ACID Cold Teas on hand). I also have a third humidor sitting empty right now, so I have a little room to expand if necessary. I very much enjoy the cigar smoking hobby.

It’s now 6:44 am here in Salt Lake City… and I’m ready for a good day at work. Although I’m realistic and I will settle for average. See you in the funny papers… or something.


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