Simplifying My Life

July is almost over, and while the annual doldrums are still playing a role in my emotional state I’m doing well overall. The doldrums don’t seem as bad as they are most years. Maybe it’s because I’m finally starting to realize that I can’t control what others do or think in regards to anything that affects me. I mean, I can complain all day about my co-workers habits but my complaints aren’t going to do anything positive. At this point I’m working on making as many positive changes in my life as I can. Which may be part of the reason why the doldrums I typically go through this time of year aren’t as bad as they usually are.

For example, I’m on the Dean’s List at Stevens-Henager college, which is quite an honor, respect for my hard work in the classroom. I’m working towards a degree in something I think I will love once I’m finished, and honestly nothing so far has made me think otherwise during the course of my classes. I’ve apparently been accepted as a member of the family with my fiancee’s mom and dad. So that counts for something, if only because my own family is so far away. I’ve made a couple friends, some co-workers that make the work day slightly better and a couple classmates that I wouldn’t mind hanging out with after class or what have you.

I’ve gotten a good start on improving my life, and I’m still taking steps to get my life back into a place where I feel like I’m moving upwards, not stagnating. I’ve moved to a desk in the main showroom area of the office. So I can help a few more customers than I have been. I’ve asked for updated information about tile pricing and things of that nature so I can try and get that side of the business jump started. I’ve taken steps to reduce my slacking at work. I’ve also started looking for freelance graphic design work. In fact, I’ve secured some pro bono work, hopefully it’ll lead to some regular freelance work, which would be a good start.

I’ve also changed some of the things I did to pass the time. For example, I deactivated my Facebook page, so now I’m solely using Google+ as my social networking hub. I still use twitter, and apparently I have a Live account, so there are those things too. If I work to condense the nonsense maybe I can reach a new level in my life, make things better and grow into the man I know I can be. There are people counting on me, such as myself. If I want something to happen, I have to make it happen. Let’s kick this pig.


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