The Longer this Month Goes…

The Miz

As the Miz would say, "REALLY?!"

You know, the longer this month goes the more upset I’m getting. My birthday is in less than a week, which is fine I’ve used the remaining three days of vacation time I have available to make sure I have the day before, the day of, and the day after off. I’ve ordered some special cigars and I think I have my meal planned for the day of my birthday, without spending a frickin’ fortune. Still, this month hasn’t been all peaches and cream. There have been some deaths around me, and that always sucks. Although I think that makes 3 in the past year and a half so that means death should be done with me for a little while.

Yesterday, I found that the power steering hose in my truck was cut, or developed a hole somehow. So I had to fix that. That’s fine, it’s a pretty cheap fix (I paid 10 bucks for everything I needed so that’s not too bad). The problem is the building that had the Napa logo on it was not actually a parts store, but a warehouse. Who puts a warehouse near shopping centers is beyond me, but whatever. So I got upset and tried to find the nearest auto parts store, which was 2.5 miles away. I considered leaving it until tomorrow, but I needed to show up to work today. Since I didn’t have numbers for future family members to give me a hand, I manned up and walked those 5 miles to and from the store and changed my hose out. It’s running fine and the steering is smooth, so I clearly did it right. So, overall I consider it a wash, I needed the workout even with the 2 hours I used to get the part I got it done by 11:30 this morning.

Today, I log into facebook and see I have a message. Wonderful, it’s a message from one of the folks who work for the Maverik Center in West Valley City. Saturday there was a WWE Raw house show they were giving away tickets for, as well as a meet and greet with Kofi Kingston. I entered, not really expecting to win and I didn’t hear anything on Friday the 5th. The message from this gentleman who works for Maverik informs me that I won a 4 pack of tickets and a VIP pass to the meet and greet. If I had found out sooner I would have taken my lunch later, grabbed my tickets and met Kofi. I would have shared a couple of the tickets with Victor (one of my co-workers) who wanted to take his son to the show. Sadly, I didn’t get the message until today and missed the update on the Maverik Center facebook page. So that’s disappointing.

Now, my assignment for my InDesign class isn’t finished, but that’s my fault I’ve been kind of bummed with the whole death thing. I’m bummed that I missed out the WWE Show, might have had an extra ticket, but I could have lived with that. I figure at this point my meal plan for next Tuesday won’t come off and that somehow I won’t actually get the vacation time for the other two days off. On the plus side, I have some special cigars coming soon and that might help. I also got an invitation to a hiring event for Apple’s retail stores in the Gateway and Fashion Place malls, so maybe I’ll be going somewhere else to be miserable for awhile. Maybe I’ll actually enjoy it at Apple and be able to make a career of it, while picking up freelance graphic design work using my degree. That would be the best possible scenario, but who even knows. There’s pizza here today, but now I’m afraid to eat it. With the way my luck is right now, I’ll just choke on it and die… that would suck.

Ah well, hope everyone is having a better August than I am.


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