What’s the best news that you could receive right now?

I figured I’d use one of the topics WordPress offers at some point, because there are plenty of days where I have nothing that I want to write about. Not everyday is as disappointing as yesterday, and I don’t have as many awesome days as I used to. So today is the day.

To answer the question, the best news I could receive right now is that I’ve been offered a new job with a slight pay increase, better hours, and maybe some sort of signing bonus. I like working, and honestly I think if I can ever find the right place to work I could do it forever… or until I die, since that will likely come first.

There’s 5 days until my birthday, and all things considered it’s been less disappointing overall than most years. Even with the whole WWE thing from yesterday. So, I’ll take that, but unless I end up receiving several gift certificate/gift cards for cigar shops I don’t expect it to get much better than it is.


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