Saturday Night

I’m sitting outside, smoking a cigar. A Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Barcelona, specifically. I’ve had this cigar sitting in my humidor for about 6 months, and it’s mellowed out quite a bit. It’s not a complex cigar, but it’s a nice calming cigar and it has enough strength of body to keep me interested. I was sitting here with my dachshunds, but they have tendency to bark at all the neighboring dogs, especially Patrick. He’s a sweet dog, but he gets kind of obnoxious. Got some music playing on iTunes, thinking I need to put together a proper cigar smoking playlist so I can transfer it to my phone to listen to when I’m smoking at work. It’s cloudy, and there’s a slight breeze, but it’s not real hot nor real windy it’s pretty ideal for smoking, which doesn’t happen too often in Utah.

Most of my thoughts this evening are looking to the future. I have an interview with Apple on Wednesday, apparently they’re opening a new store here in Salt Lake City, at the Fashion Place mall, which works for me, because that means I’d be working near The Tinder Box. Still, that’s a minor selling point. I need a job that will pay me close to what I make now and runs effectively, as opposed to where I work now. If there’s room for career improvement I consider that a bonus. I’d like to work for Apple, while I feel some of their products are overpriced they are solid products. Nothing mind blowing to me, but certainly great for those who don’t want to learn all the ins and outs of a Windows or pure Linux based system. I think it might actually be easier than when I sold Dell’s computers. So I’m hoping that goes well.

Thinking about that, I’m hoping I can afford a haircut before the interview, because I could use one. My hair is starting getting to that awkward place where it still styles the way I want it, but it doesn’t always stay that way. I’ve considered selling NCAA Football 12 to pay for it, then I can buy back the game later. Which is something Tasha always gives me a hard time about, but if it means the difference between getting the job and staying where I’m slowly becoming more and more miserable, it would be worth it. I’ve been looking for prices for Sport Clips because it seems like it might be the kind of place I would enjoy getting a haircut at. Although, I still miss going to the Barber Shop back home, they’re a dying business barber shops, and I have yet to find one I feel safe going to out here.

I’ve also been thinking about my degree progress. The wheels fell off in my InDesign class a little bit, not that my work was bad, just not spectacular. I finished the class with an A-, which isn’t embarrassing, it’s not quite as good as I thought I could do in the class. Next class is Graphic Design I, which might have been helpful to start with, but whichever. Over the next couple modules, I only have one class each mod, so that’s nice. A bit of a slow down before getting back to hitting the books harder for the following 3 mods, where along with my design courses I have some general studies type of courses and business related courses. So I’m looking forward to that. Still, I have a long way to go. I’m not bored with the classes and since I got some praise for my freelance work as well as from my instructor, things are going well on that front. I think I may be able to make a career of this, or at least be able to use it for side work not completely related to my job (whatever it may be at that point).

That’s really all I have figured out in this smoking session, and my cigar is done. So now I’ll head back inside and continue the R&R I’ve earned leading into my birthday this year. Have a great evening.


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