You know I wrote about how I had a good birthday in my last entry. That has turned around, and things have gone to hell. The truck I had been paying on, was repossessed for no other reason than the dealership/finance company was not making enough money from the deal. Basically the deal was restructured, in what was to be a temporary move, it turned permanent and they decided they wanted out. So, now I’m without a truck and likely heading into a legal battle to get what is rightfully mine… and maybe a little more for all the frustration I’ve had dealing with them.

Of course, that makes home life a little more difficult since now there’s two working adults (one of those adults also going to college) and just one vehicle. I’ve got feelers out to try to find an inexpensive ride, hopefully that happens soon. I feel like I’m being more of an inconvenience in Tasha’s life because of this, which is saying something because even without this mess I feel like I’m pretty damn inconvenient as it is. So, the sooner I can get into something that will get me to and from work, the better. If later on I were to get a good sized judgement from the dealership I was working with, all the better. Then I could put it towards a brand new Silverado or Sierra, because that’s what I really want at this point in time. That and a nice chunk to put towards the wedding, so there’s that.


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