Time to Find Out

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today. Not about anything of major importance to anyone but me (well, maybe Tasha, but that’s up to her). Mostly it’s about my wardrobe, which is in pretty serious need of improvement. After the situation with my truck, I’m thinking that I should have the money to really make a run at upgrading and changing my wardrobe into something more professional. While this week may be a little tight, depending on whether or not I can find a particular cigar (a CAO America Liberty) and what exactly Tasha and I are doing for dinner. Then after this week, I have to get money put back for rent. Still, I should be able to come up with $40-50 most weeks to get myself some new clothes. A new shirt, some new pants. I need to get longer pants, and dressier shirts. I also have to more careful with these shirts so they don’t end up with grease stains and other stains that could ruin my credibility as a professional.

Once I get enough for a couple weeks worth of work, I can start putting extra money back to buy a suit or two. Although, if the wedding plans go as expected I may not need as much money for that suit as I am expecting. Regardless, every man should own at least one suit, and that’s something I’m lacking. So there is that. Time to change the way I’m viewed and try to be taken more seriously.


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