Early Results are Promising

The second day of my renewed quest to reduce the size of me, and thus far it seems very successful. I realize that results like this won’t continue the whole way, it’s a good start and gives me a little more motivation to continue with this. Once the results stop showing though, I’ll need to find more motivation.

Starting Weight: 319.2 pounds
Starting Waist/Shirt Size: 42/3XL

Daily Weight: 317.4 pounds (-1.8 pounds)
Daily Exercise: 30 Push ups, 30 Stomach Crunches, 1 mile walk

Goal Weight: 225 pounds
Goal Waist/Shirt Size: 38/XL
Pounds to Go: 92.4 pounds (-1.8 pounds)
Waist/Shirt Size to Go: 4/2
Sizes to Go: 4

Like I said, the early results are promising. I know that I’ll need to make some adjustments to my diet. I’ve already begun reducing my soda intake, which I know is a HUGE factor in how I got where I am today in terms of my weight. More water needs to get into my diet as well as more fruits and vegetables. I know that if I have some support I can make this work and have the weight stay off. I think once I get the whole public transit schedule down, I can then think about adding more walking to my daily routine, taking the wieners for a walk each day (maybe even twice a day) and things of that nature. My biggest goal for the here and now is to not overdo anything and try to maintain the losses I’ve had so far and add to them as I get closer to the finish line.


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  1. Congratulations on the weight loss and good luck in the future!
    Best wishes to you,


  2. I know, sometimes blogging feels a bit lonely – but there is definitely a huge audience out there. Found yours on Tag Surfer. Ha, if you do not want comments written by strangers, I will not comment again!
    Anyway, it might not be an accomplishment in your eyes, but it is a beginning. And I wish you good luck on your way to reach the end.

    • A beginning, indeed. Beginnings I’ve become good at, it’s reaching the finish line that has me concerned. Regardless, I appreciate the thoughts and the comment. You’re always welcome to comment on whatever it is I post.

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