Day 3: The First Setback… Sort Of

Today is the third day of measuring my weight and everything, and the fourth day of trying get this workout habit set in my routine. I have my first setback, at least it’s a setback if you look at the numbers. I’m up two-tenths of a pound since yesterday, but my clothes fit better and my gut does not hang down as far as it used to. As I had said in yesterday’s blog, the results I had been getting at the very beginning were not sustainable… this is just proof of the truth of my statement then. Anyway, let’s take a look at the big board and see where this player stands.

Starting Weight: 319.2 pounds
Starting Waist/Shirt Size: 42/3XL

Yesterday’s Weight: 316 pounds
Today’s Weight: 316.2 pounds (+0.2 vs. yesterday, -3.0 total)
Today’s Exercise: 30 Push ups, 30 Stomach Crunches, 1.0 mile Walking

Goal Weight: 225 pounds
Goal Waist/Shirt Size: 38/XL
Pounds to go: 91.2 pounds
Waist/Shirt Sizes to Go: 4/2

Now, this week I get paid, and after all my bills and such get taken care of, I intend to go and do a less than scientific test as to where I stand on my sizing goals. I need to update my wardrobe, so I will be trying on some jeans (or maybe a dressier type of pant, I’m undecided at this point) as well as some shirts. The reasoning for the sizing goals is sort of an alternate goal. There are two reasons for my weight loss attempt, one is that after having a cousin pass away before reaching 40 years old and having a friend die before reaching 25 over the last two years… I’ve been thinking a lot about my own mortality. I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle in regards to my eating and exercising. The second goal is cosmetic, I want to look better. With regular exercise, I’m sure I can have the kind of physique that makes me proud to look into the mirror every morning. With the second reason in mind, I added those size goals. Smaller clothes are always good, and that would save me money (typically Big & Tall clothes are 2 or more dollars more expensive than an identical item that runs smaller), and I like having money.

So, while the numbers say I’m gaining weight, my eyes tell me that I’m getting where I want to go with the exercise plan and all of that. I’m okay with this, and with a little help from my latest follower Navy Star who is on her own weight loss journey, as well as my other friends and regular readers I know this whole journey can be a success and it’ll put me one step closer to where I ultimately want to be in this life.

On an unrelated note, I’ve also started kicking around the idea of building myself a PC. A gaming PC specifically, mostly because I need a hobby and the combination of building computers and playing games on computers is certainly something that would be a good hobby. While kicking around this idea, I was also thinking maybe I could turn it into a side business, building computers for people trying to save them a little bit of money while making a little extra money for myself. Now, I’ve never built a computer before, but I’ve done most of the repairs a PC needs, and I don’t feel like there would be anything too difficult about building a computer. I’ve got a few matters to take care of before I really make a decision about this, ones that should help me out financially if they go the way I’m hoping. Otherwise, it seems like it’ll be a good plan.


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  1. Best of luck!! Work hard one day at a time and definitely use the mirror as a guide. It can tell you much more than the scale can.

    And I think your pc-building hobby sounds awesome! I’ve always wanted to do that, but never have. I bet you’ll really enjoy it.

    • I trust the way clothes fit before a mirror or the scale. Still, it’s nice to have numbers to show for my hard work. Working out has been good for me, once I get my sleep pattern back in order I should be in good shape.

      I’m hoping to start by building a gaming PC for myself. Even though I’m not a hardcore gamer, I figure if it gives me an edge in MechWarrior, it’ll be worth it.

      • I haven’t heard anybody talk about MechWarrior in 15 years 🙂 I used to love that game. I think I played the third one back when I was in middle school. But still, that game was awesome!

      • There’s still a small group of dedicated MechWarrior players still out there. Mostly playing the modded (mostly the addition of new mechs, and a map maker) of MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries over on
        I play quite a bit, but with my current set up, I’m stuck playing with a joystick which is good for immersion while playing the campaign mode… but not so good for surviving online games. I’m working on a Linebacker build, I call the Harrison, where it’ll use as many hard hitting weapons as possible, and I’ll fight ‘dirty’ while using it. I’ll get some humor from it.

      • I’m going to take a guess here, but with your name “SteelCity”, a Linebacker build called the Harrison, you sound like a Pittsburgh Steelers fan…

        I hope this is the case because James Harrison is one of my favorite players (if not my favorite…it’s a toss up between Woodley, Polamalu, and Harrison).

      • Grew up about 20 minute south of Pittsburgh, and a huge Steeler fan, my favorite players are Heath Miller (something about being a jack of all trades and incredibly underrated) and Casey Hampton (someone has to make the defense go). Although I can’t really fault anyone for choosing other players.

      • Heath Miller is definitely the man too! He had such an amazing game last week against the Pats!!! He carried them down the field those first 2 drives

      • Absolutely, it was a good game plan and when you have as talented TE as Heath Miller it’s easy to execute. Hoping for a good showing against Baltimore, have to make up for week 1. I wonder if Baltimore still views this game as their Super Bowl like they did week 1.

      • I’m sure they’re gonna view it at least pretty close to Super Bowl level. They really get the little brother treatment whenever the Steelers are having a good year. It’s always “yeah, the Ravens are good, but you gotta watch out for the Steelers in the playoffs.” I just hope they don’t embarrass themselves again this week.

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