Day 5: Up and Down, Back and Forth

Well, that was a mild surprise this morning. Stepped on the scale and saw a pretty significant jump my weight according o said scale. Maybe I’m starting to build some muscle and it’s making the scale ready high… or maybe it’s the fact that I had some fast food for dinner and it hasn’t gone through my system as of yet. I don’t know, but the scale says what the scale says. Let’s look at the results.

Starting Weight: 319.2 pounds
Starting Waist/Shirt Size: 42/3XL

Yesterday’s Weight: 315.0 pounds
Today’s Weight: 317.4 pounds (+2.4 vs. yesterday, -1.8 total)
Today’s Exercise: 30 Push Ups, 30 Stomach Crunches, 1.0 mile Walking

Goal Weight: 225 pounds
Goal Waist/Shirt Size: 38/XL
Pounds to Go: 92.4
Sizes to Go: 4/2

As it stands, I’m not feeling 100% which may be a bad thing for my weight loss journey. When I get sick, I tend to want to eat all the time. Which is hard to counteract with exercise. So I need to make smart decisions and all of that. I also need to get some more vitamin C into my system and see if that helps keep me from getting worse. Next week, will be a full week of exercise (and almost a full week of tracking the results), then on Monday I up my reps for my calisthenics and find a way to add more walking to my daily exercise routine.

I do feel pretty good about where I am in terms of being more in shape. I ended up walking over to where my fiancee works, which is a little more than a 2 mile walk and the only issue I had at that point was my ankle bothering me a bit. I’m sure if I were to make it a more regular thing the ankle pain would stop being an issue and I’d be good to go. It’s slightly disappointing to see it didn’t have a result on the scale, but it certainly helped my self esteem, and a little self esteem is not usually a bad thing.

Today I have to get groceries, which may prove a challenge. I also think I’ll be looking at picking up a pair of pants. I’m hoping I can find a decent pair of cargo pants, but failing that some dress style pants are probably in order. I think I’ll be alright with those, and it’ll help me get some of the more threadbare clothing out of my wardrobe so I can start looking more like a professional person worth promoting in the near future. Promotions are good, usually, and I can always use a little more cash in my pocket. Of course, where I’m working right now doesn’t have a lot of room for advancement in my department, there are other departments where I know I could move up quickly.


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  1. I wouldn’t worry about what the scale said too much. Whenever it makes that big of a jump from one day to another it’s usually water weight. On top of that, being sick screws everything up anyway.

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