Week 2: The Gritty Reboot

So this weekend, I was horrible. I ate way too much, and as such undid all of the gains I made during the week proper. On the plus side, I still feel leaner than I was so maybe that’s what I should focus on. Still, the scale tells shows the results of the weekend, and while I’m not happy about them. They’re not completely unexpected.

Starting Weight: 319.2 pounds
Starting Waist/Shirt Size: 42/3XL

Saturday’s Weight: 317.4 pounds
Today’s Weight: 320.4 pounds (+3.0 from Saturday, +1.2 total)
Today’s Exercise: 35 Push Ups, 35 Stomach Crunches, 1.2 Miles Walking

Goal Weight: 225 pounds
Pounds to Goal: 95.4 pounds
Goal Waist/Shirt Size: 42/3XL
Sizes to Go: 4/2

I did make it out to the store to purchase some new pants, and I ended up buying a pair of black jeans. While I wasn’t able to get into a smaller size, these ones do fit a little better than what my other jeans do. They are a relaxed fit jean, which my fiancee thinks looks better on me, especially with a straight leg. I trust her on that, since she’s the one who cares the most about what I look like (Cause I care, but I don’t need to look ‘fashionable’ or anything like that). So after washing them to kind of limit how much the color could potentially bleed, I’m wearing them today. I look pretty good in them and I feel pretty good. A little sick to my stomach, which is something different than this weekend. Where I just felt off, but nothing specific. I’ll make it through though. I have to. I can’t afford not to.

I don’t really have anything else to add here. Which is odd, but I guess I’ll live.


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