Getting Healthy in a Different Way

As some of you may have noticed, there was not an entry on this blog yesterday (although I did finish up the most recent entry for The New Age Gentleman). The reason for that is because I’m most definitely sick. Yesterday happened to be the worst day of it; fighting a migraine-esque headache, nausea, dizzyness, as well as a runny nose and a cough. So for the last couple days I haven’t been working out, simply because I don’t want to overexert myself and make my illness worse or longer in duration. I should be ready to be back to working out by this weekend at the latest.

I still have been tracking my weight though. On Monday I went up 3 pounds, and Tuesday I was down slightly to 320.2 pounds. This morning I checked my weight and I’m back to 317.4 while not where I was as of Saturday, it’s certainly more encouraging that I don’t have to continue from a higher weight than where I had started from. I’ll take that.

Beyond the whole illness thing, I don’t have a whole lot going on right now. Although I did hear back from eBay in regards to a position I had applied for about a month or so ago. I went through their screening process and looks like something I can definitely do, and the pay is about $3 an hour more than my current position. I’m really hoping this goes through and I can start working there. I’m sure I can do everything they’re asking of me and if I’m making more money that’s a win for me and for the people who are counting on me. So keep your fingers crossed for that.

Beyond that, everyone have a good day and may the force be with you… or something.


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  1. Hope you get feeling better and get that job.

  2. I’m much better than I was yesterday. Still have a ways to go before I’m healthy again. As for the job, I’ve sent the required information thus far… just hoping that I get a call and such.

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