Almost Back to Good

So I’m about 90% back to where I should be health wise. If things continue at this pace, I should be back to my workout schedule by Saturday at the latest and I can refocus my attention on getting leaner and more healthy. With that said, time to pull out the old format and track where my weight has gone.

Starting Weight: 319.2 pounds
Starting Waist Size: 42 inches
Starting Shirt Size: 3XL

Yesterday’s Weight: 317.4 pounds
Today’s Weight: 316.4 pounds (-1.0 vs yesterday, -2.8 total)
Today’s Exercise: None planned

Goal Weight: 225 pounds
Pounds to Go: 91.4
Goal Waist Size: 38 inches
Inches to Go: 4
Goal Shirt Size: XL
Shirt Sizes to Go: 2

So, clearly the work I put in before getting sick has mostly stuck around. So I’m happy about that, means I don’t have to start completely over in that regard. I like that, I also like that my new jeans fit a little better than they did when I initially purchased them. Beyond that, there’s some sort of team meeting at work, I’m certain that won’t be a good thing. All it will do is keep me off the phone for a half hour or so. Probably relating to the crackdown on personal electronic devices as well as on food on the production floor.

Overall, life is good if a bit lacking in excitement right now. I’m alright with that and I wish everyone a good day.


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