Back on Track and Other Assorted Thoughts

Well, I got back on my workout regime this morning. Well, at least I’m back on the calisthenics portion of my routine, which I’m sure will help build muscle and that muscle will help burn fat. Hopefully I can get into a good routine with walking today as well, but that remains to be seen. I’m at about 95% health, I still some lingering symptoms of my illness (those being a runny nose, a slight cough, and a still slightly sore throat) but none of them are bad enough for me to think I’m becoming sick again or anything like that. So I’m trying to get back into my routine, doing the same number of reps as I should have been doing last week, and then going from there on a week to week basis. On the plus side, I’m clearly doing something right as the scale showed me a new low weight this morning, and that always feels good after a less than spectacular week on the workout and health front. Let’s go to the results, shall we?

Starting Weight: 319.2 pounds
Starting Waist Size: 42
Starting Shirt Size: 3XL

Last Recorded Weight: 316.4 pounds
Today’s Weight: 314.6 pounds (-1.8 pounds vs. last, -4.6 pounds total)
Today’s Exercise: 35 Push-Ups, 35 Stomach Crunches (We’re hoping walking will make it in, but I’m still working on a route that’s safe for my companions, Copper and Patrick aka Team Wonder Dachshund, and easily expandable)

Goal Weight: 225 pounds
Pounds to Go: 89.6
Goal Waist Size: 38
Inches to Go: 4
Goal Shirt Size: XL
Shirt Sizes to Go: 2

So clearly I’m doing something right, even when I wasn’t at my best I was losing some weight. I’m sure had I been healthy last week, I’d have been even closer to my goal. My one concern is that my weight loss is more related to potential muscle loss than fat loss. While just getting down to 225 would be a huge help to my self esteem, my wardrobe, my wallet, and perhaps most importantly my health, I’d rather be a slightly muscular 225, than an undefined 225 if that makes sense. Which is part of the reason my workout routine is really targeting the upper body (where I carry most of my fat), I need to find some simple exercises to work the lower body as well. As well as doing more walking and other more cardiovascular stimulating exercise. Basically I don’t just want to look like the human form of a Corvette, I want to perform like one too. That said, I’d be more than willing to up my goal weight a bit if it meant have a bit more muscular physique. I don’t think I’ll ever look like John Cena.

John Cena, has a great physique

But I certainly think I could have a bit of definition there. I guess maybe I should be working for weight loss first, then worrying about muscle building and definition. Although I think my current routine will give me a small jump start on definition and such.

While I was thinking about this post before bed last night. I got to thinking about what kind of physique I’d like to have if everything were to go my way. While John Morrison has great abs, my body will never be that slender. Then there’s guys like Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds (although Ryan Reynolds falls into that whole slim thing that my bone structure won’t allow). Then the thought occurred to me, am I homosexual? Of course my mind immediately spat back bi-sexual maybe, but more likely just secure enough in your manhood to be able to say that a guy has a good body and you can appreciate the work that goes into that. It’s amazing how deep my conversations with myself go. Of course, I could be labeled bi-sexual for other reasons, but that’s another blog for another time.

The thought also crossed my mind that maybe I should start trying to put money together for a trip back home. It’s been over a year, and I’m sure that I’ll see at least parts of my family at some point next year. There are just some things there that I just can’t replicate here in Utah. There’s no place like an Osso’s Pizza out here, no Primanti Brothers, I can’t get a Yuengling Black & Tan, and I have to have the Sunday Ticket to regularly watch the Steelers play their games. Of course, buying cigars would be easier and cheaper and there’s something to be said for that. So I definitely need to visit at some point. Someday I’d like to move back to that area (I’d kind of like to live in or around Wheeling, West Virginia if at all possible), but I don’t see that happening any time soon. So I try not to think about it too much.

I’ve also been thinking about rewarding myself when I get within multiples of 25 pounds to my goal. Maybe when I get to 75 pounds of my goal, I’ll treat myself to a movie. At 50 pounds, maybe buying a new DVD or some new music or something. At 25 pounds left a new-to-me video game, and when reaching my goal a brand new video game. I haven’t given much thought to rewarding myself, but maybe it’ll help keep me on track when I reach certain plateaus in my weight loss journey. I don’t know at this point, all I do know is that things are going well on that front and I’m pretty proud of that. I know I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want to be physically, but I know with consistent hard work and being a bit more thoughtful about what I eat I’ll get there. As I continue to get there, I’ll be adding new clothes to my collection and by the time I’m done I’ll look better in more ways than one.

In the meantime, I want to thank you all for reading. May your days be filled with joy, excitement, and maybe a little bit of love.


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