Holding Steady

Well, I’m not gaining weight. That’s the good news, the less than good news is that I’m not actually losing weight. I’m okay with that, because even if the scale doesn’t say so I know changes have been taking place in my body. My clothes fit better, and I feel better than I have in quite awhile. I knew this would happen and I knew it was going to happen relatively early on in the process. I’m okay with that, particularly as my clothes keep fitting better and I start looking a little more svelte (key word is a little, I still have the whole beer gut looking thing going on) it’s enough for me to build on. With that on to the practically unchanged results.

Starting Weight: 319.2 pounds
Starting Waist Size: 42
Starting Shirt Size: 3XL

Last Recorded Weight: 314.6 pounds
Today’s Weight: 314.6 pounds (-0.0 pounds vs. last, -4.6 pounds total)
Today’s Exercise: 35 Push-Ups, 35 Stomach Crunches, 0.5 mile Walk

Goal Weight: 225 pounds
Pounds to Go: 89.6
Goal Waist Size: 38
Inches to Go: 4
Goal Shirt Size: XL
Shirt Sizes to Go: 2

I am wondering though if I did a second set of calisthenics would that make a difference. I’d effectively be doubling up on that and in theory it could jump start my weight loss (or my muscle gain). I’m kicking around the idea, but I don’t want to injure myself cause that would be worse than being overweight. I think if I’m smart about it, maybe do my regular sets in the morning and maybe half sets in the evening after work, I’ll be alright. I also need to have more things here to eat for breakfast, which I’m sure will help a bit. When I get hungry, I want to eat voraciously and that’s kind of disastrous for a weight loss plan. So it’s definitely something I’m trying to plan out and make work for me.

It also appears that I’ll be regularly taking public transportation. Which is a good thing since the nearest TRAX station is a half mile walk from my door, and then the bus station is about .2 miles from my job. That’s nearly a mile and a half walk everyday, couple that with climbing the stairs to go to my lunches and pacing in my cubicle while making calls. It should be a pretty helpful thing in the whole weight loss journey I’m on. In the meantime, I’m no longer conflicted, just trying to get through until I can make another huge upgrade to my life. For now, I’ll work on my body, the rest will fall into place soon.


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