Another Day, Another Pound

For the first time in a long time, I got to sleep in. Although for me sleeping in is until 7 am, which I guess sound right when you consider I’m awake most mornings anytime between 3:45 am and 4:30 am. Which is fine, although it makes me question a bit how accurate my weigh-in this morning was, since body weight fluctuates throughout the day even without external factors like eating and such. Still, I like the result the scale showed me this morning. And since I can’t really go back 5 am (when I usually weigh myself) this morning, it’ll have to do. That said, I’ve noticed a bit more… effectiveness in my morning calisthenics, now by the time I get to the last 5 or so reps I’m really starting to feel the muscles working. Feeling the burn, as an 80s trainer would say. I like that, and I like the fact that the weight continues to come off as quickly as it has thus far, aside from most of last week when I had stagnated at any rate. Let’s go to the results.

Starting Weight: 319.2 pounds
Starting Waist Size: 42
Starting Shirt Size: 3XL

Last Recorded Weight: 311.6 pounds
Today’s Weight: 310.6 pounds (-1.0 pounds vs. last, -8.6 pounds total)
Today’s Exercise: 40 Push-Ups, 40 Stomach Crunches, 1.0 mile Walk

Goal Weight: 225 pounds
Pounds to Go: 85.6
Goal Waist Size: 38
Inches to Go: 4
Goal Shirt Size: XL
Shirt Sizes to Go: 2

Also in going through some of my old clothes it appears I’m close to being able to change my shirt size on the chart here. I have a lot of 2XL shirts I could squeeze into before, but they’d stretch and look (and feel) terrible. Now, I’m almost to the point where they lay flat, in a good fit. Which is nice. I still have a way to go before it sits at a place I consider it a good fit. Still, it’s definitely close, probably a couple weeks away until I hit that. My waist is another matter, and I need to get more walking and other cardio in during the day. Adding cardio work is going to be the key going forward to burn fat and make my body start conforming to the image of it I have for it.

There is a lot going on at home, but I don’t want to get too into it right now. Health issues with my stepdad, and there’s a possibility I’ll be an uncle again. It’s weighing on me a bit, but I’m doing my best to block it out to keep doing what I do to survive, and thrive. Beyond that, things are going well. I feel like I’m close to something really good happening in my life. I’m just not even sure what that good thing could possibly be. Again, thank you to my readers and everyone else in my life providing me support to continue with this weight loss journey.


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One comment

  1. Congrats on your progress!

    Hope everything is ok with your family. But I like what you said…Gotta do what you can to survive and thrive.

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