Back to Work… in More Ways than One

Thanksgiving is not the best time to be trying to maintain a weight loss regimen. I did alright, as my body is still leaner than it was, but the numbers are not where I want them. So I used the 4 days I had off in celebration of Thanksgiving to tinker with my workout routine, and basically press the reset button. I’ve been reading some fitness articles to see if there may be something I could be doing more of, and to find a cardio exercise that I can do without the dogs barking up a storm at me and waking up everyone else in the house here. I think in those regards I was successful. For all intents and purposes, I’ve started over. Although my weight is slightly more manageable than it was, still have a long way to go.

Starting Weight: 318.8 pounds
Goal Weight: 225 pounds

Starting Waist Size: 42 inches
Starting Shirt Size: 3 XL

Current Exercise Routine: 30 second plank, 30 seconds Mountain Climbers, 30 push ups, 0.5 mile walking

I’ve decided to focus on my core, specifically core strength, which is why the plank has been included. Mountain Climbers are my home cardio workout for the mornings (I’m planning on adding an evening workout session in the near future, probably next week) since it doesn’t cause the dachshunds to go crazy while I’m doing them. I realize 30 seconds of each doesn’t seem like much, but I’m pretty far behind both in core strength and in my cardio so those are the upper limits of what I feel I can safely do right now. Getting hurt would throw a spanner in the works, and I can’t have that. I’m also considering a stationary bike but that’ll have to wait until I can get straighter financially. I can’t spend money I don’t have, clearly. I’m hoping to be sub-300 by Christmas, or at the least be into a smaller pair of pants, or a smaller shirt. I’d settle for just being trim and healthy looking, but I would like to be a smaller guy overall in 2012.

That’s really all I have going right now in my life. Trying to get the train going in the right direction, and do it more effectively than I had been. I need all the support I can get right now, cause something doesn’t feel right. I’m trying not to focus on that, trying to keep my eyes on the prize, but a little encouragement goes a long way. I’m sure I’m doing this for the right reasons, just a matter of reminding myself of that getting back on track and making things better for myself. In the meantime, I feel healthier overall, just a matter of making that last and turning it into something tangible for the rest of the world to see and feel.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good holiday and such. I’ll look forward to reading your blogs as I’ve been slacking on that front for the last week or so.


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