If the Core is Lean and Strong, the Rest will follow

So, the early results from my revamped workout regimen are immediately showing. I’m ecstatic about that, and I feel like maybe I found just the right combination to supercharge my results and get me where I want to go even more quickly. I know that I won’t get results like this every day, but I know I can get them most days and really make this work better for me, and maybe as I add more exercises to the daily routine, I’ll get even more promising results. So there’s that. I’m also trying to make my day a little leaner, so to speak, by getting a little more sleep on a daily basis which would limit the time I spend at work not actually working. We’re hoping this works, while I enjoy my morning cigars there are more effective ways to spend my time. Anyway, let’s get to the daily results, shall we?

Starting Weight: 318.8 pounds
Daily Weight: 317.0 pounds (-1.8 vs. Yesterday, -1.8 total)
Goal Weight: 225 pounds (92 pounds to go)

Starting Waist Size: 42
Current Waist Size: 42
Goal Waist Size: 38 (4 inches to go)

Starting Shirt Size: 3XL
Current Shirt Size: 3XL
Goal Shirt Size: XL (2 sizes to go)

Exercise Plan: 0:30 plank, 0:30 mountain climbers, 30 push ups, 1.0 mile walking

So, I’m trying to do a lot of trimming in my life, as it were. If I can get some things where I need them to be then I can do a lot more in the time I do have during the day. I’m amped about that, and if I can start getting the rest of my life in order. I think I’ll feel a lot better about, everything really. So I’m testing my timing on the work front, my leaving for work at 7:00 instead of my usual 6:15. I usually get to work over an hour early so I think I’ll be alright with this time. That means I can add an extra hour and a half to my sleep routine and be better rested for work. By being better rested I can be as productive, but more effective with that production, as I have been. That in turn sets the stage for a promotion, which means more money. More money means I can tow the rest of my life out of the ditch it’s in, get myself a vehicle and really make a move to get where I need to get to.

Honestly, it’s taking me awhile to get back into the work routine, a 4 day weekend will do that to a guy. I’m sure by Wednesday I’ll be alright with everything, but for now… yeah, just trying to get back to where I need to be. The workout routine change has helped, I feel as though I’m getting healthier and now I don’t get winded going up the stairs for lunch every day. So I take that as a victory. Just trying to cut out a lot of unnecessary elements in my life, build around things I need to keep and then I can decide what I need to do from there. If I’m going to be a better person, it can’t just be a physical change. Any way, thanks for reading and you folks have a great day.


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