I’m Not Falling Off of This Track

The results are still promising, not quite as exciting as they were yesterday, but still very good. If I can keep a weight loss rate like this throughout the remainder of my journey, I’ll hit my goal weight sometime in April. Do I expect that to happen? No, not really, if only because I know I’ll plateau every now and then. When I can visually see I’m leaner and less flabby but the scale isn’t showing the same results. It could be an increase in my muscle percentage or something like water weight, but it will happen. I’m okay with that, and honestly I’d be willing to forgo my goal weight if it meant hitting my goal sizes (although, ultimately I want to hit all of the goals). The results are showing in the mirror and on the scale right now, which is good and I’m going to try not to focus too far into the future because that will just make it harder to focus on what needs to be done here and now. With that, let’s look at the results thus far into my renewed journey, shall we?

Starting Weight: 318.8 pounds
Yesterday’s Weight: 317.0 pounds
Daily Weight: 316.0 pounds (-1.0 vs. Yesterday, -2.8 total)
Goal Weight: 225 pounds (91 pounds to go)

Starting Waist Size: 42
Current Waist Size: 42
Goal Waist Size: 38 (4 inches to go)

Starting Shirt Size: 3XL
Current Shirt Size: 3XL
Goal Shirt Size: XL (2 sizes to go)

Exercise Plan: 0:30 plank, 0:30 mountain climbers, 30 push ups, 1.0 mile walking

I’ve noticed my core is really weak, so the plank has been difficult, but not so difficult I’m ready to give up. The mountain climbers have been easier and I’m hoping as my gut disappears they’ll be easier to do properly. The push ups are the extent of my other muscle building, and with the position it’s done in it can also help strengthen my core muscles, so that’s a double win there. As for the walking estimate, it’s probably a low estimate, which really only accounts for my trip to and from the train station, in all reality I probably walk closer to 3 miles on a daily basis, more when I take the dachshunds out for a walk or two during the day. May be awhile before I up the plank time and mountain climber time, because I’m behind on core training and on my cardio. I’m sure it’ll happen relatively quickly, my body tends to catch up pretty quickly.

Yesterday marked a fairly momentous occasion in this blog’s life. The first re-blog happened, and I’d like to thank sweetopiagirl over at inspiredweightloss for taking a look and deciding to share my results and what I’ve been doing. Although I’m not really sure how well I’ll fit in with those ladies (seeing as I’m a guy and all), but nonetheless I think the working out and changing eating habits is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. I’m sure I’ll pop in over there once in awhile. I’m sure there are others who are on their own weight loss journey so feel free to stop in and look at her blog… we’re all in this together, even if we’re all doing it for different reasons a little support never hurt anyone.

Outside of my weight loss, there’s not a whole lot going on with me right now. Thinking about things I want to accomplish over the course of the remainder of this year and throughout 2012, I may throw a list up here on the blog at some point of things I want to do over the course of 2012. A lot of it is related to my weight loss, improving it and doing things to make me a bit more… visually appealing, also some of the list relates to things I wanted to do years ago but either never had the time (or money) to do it then. Then are some things there that I should have done but didn’t last time I was back home. I think I definitely need a trip home if for no other reason than to mourn those who have passed since my last visit. I feel very disconnected from my family being out here in Utah, it bothers me a bit this time of year. Maybe by this time next year something will have changed so that I can see them more often.

Ah well, I have to leave for work in about 45 minutes… still have to have some breakfast and such before that. So I should end this post here, thanks for reading and may your day be filled with joy.


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