Son of a…

So the internet has been down here at home for several days. I’ve been keeping up with my workout and all, was even tracking it so I could catch everyone up when I was able to get back online proper and update. Sadly, that file has become corrupted. So, I’m going to get back to tracking on the blog here, but there’s a span of several days that will be missing. Luckily there hasn’t been much movement either way. I’ve gained a bit of weight, but not enough for me to be concerned about. What I am concerned about is that I seem to be getting sick again. The flu or something has been going around the office and I really hope that I don’t get it (more hopefully that if I do get it, that it doesn’t make me useless). Regardless here are the results as of today, enjoy.

Starting Weight: 318.8 pounds
Yesterday’s Weight: 316.0 pounds
Daily Weight: 316.2 pounds (+0.2 vs. Yesterday, -2.6 total)
Goal Weight: 225 pounds (91.2 pounds to go)

Starting Waist Size: 42
Current Waist Size: 42
Goal Waist Size: 38 (4 inches to go)

Starting Shirt Size: 3XL
Current Shirt Size: 3XL
Goal Shirt Size: XL (2 sizes to go)

Exercise Plan: 0:30 plank, 0:30 mountain climbers, 30 push ups, 1.0 mile walking

A minor weight gain, which doesn’t surprise me considering I think I’m getting sick. I’m sure I’ll be fine though, I’m going to stick on this plan. I do know that I need to figure out something for the weekends so that I’m not gaining back weight every weekend and basically restarting weekly. That won’t get me where I want to go, so maybe I’ll need to keep some gum or something here at home to fool my body into thinking I’m eating. It’s a thought and I think it just might work. Even so, when my weight has been up, my body has been leaner than it once was so there’s that, but I’d rather not have to start over every week.

Nothing else to really discuss today. So, yeah, I’m back until some other internet related issue befalls me. In the meantime, have a great day my friends.


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