To Hell and Back

Well, the holidays happened, I ate a lot. Then I got sick before the new year (which lasted until about a week ago)… and I ate a lot. I started back on the workout schedule this week, and I’m back down to 317 pounds from 320.8. So, I opted to sleep in today because I rarely get to do that. With that said, I didn’t weigh in and I didn’t complete my daily workout. Instead, I’ve spent the day cleaning and moving furniture. I still haven’t weighed in, but I feel comfortable in the fact that I did some physical work to make up for not keeping with my routine. I’m sure I’m still sitting at about 317 pounds, if not a bit less.

It’s been rough, because it’s been a month that’s made it hard to get settled into a groove. There had been whispers that my call floor would switch to a sales environment. I was up for that, then on Thursday we were informed that everyone who had been lined up for sales would be moved to another project. I was able to get back to my previous outbound project calling. It’s been rough… but it’s been part of the reason I haven’t been writing. That and a general lack of things to write about is the other. Anyway, have a great day. Felt maybe I should check in as it’s been awhile.


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