Decisions and Tweaks

Since I have decided that right now the vegan thing isn’t for me, it’s been about 2 weeks since I last posted an entry here. Last Saturday I did my first vela-shaping treatment, and it was a little painful. Effectively the fat is heated and kneaded to make make the fat cells smaller and break them up. The overall feeling is similar to a deep tissue massage, and it wasn’t too bad. I have a second treatment later on today. Since then I’ve made some tweaks to my workout plan, partially because with my new job I walk more than I did (almost double, 2.9 miles now vs. 1.6 miles before). So instead of hitting the muscle building and extra cardio stuff every day, I do those Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Just walking days on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sunday being an off/recovery day. I think it’s going to help me maximize results. I’m sure the schedule will change in the near future as I get off my training schedule at work, and into my normal production schedule. So I’ll have to see how that goes. Tomorrow I’ll post the weekly results, which may be higher than what the mirror shows me is there, but I feel like it’s going well nonetheless.

Speaking of the new job, I’ve been hired as a Tier 1 Technical Support agent for Nest. The product seems pretty bad ass, but like anything new people are going to have questions and there may be some issues post installation. I’m sure when I actually get on the phones I’ll be fine, still have a week of specific troubleshooting scenarios to go through. If I intend to get far as a part of the Nest team, I have to break some bad habits in my call documentation and things like that. I’m sure if I take the time get over that, and make sure I take solid notes during training this coming week. I’ll be in good shape and I can move into a Tier 2 position or above in the next 6 months to a year. Perhaps the biggest upside to working for Nest is that it’s unlikely to end quickly like the last couple positions did. So there’s that, and after having lunch with the trainers yesterday, I feel like I’m in a company I can grow with. That’s huge. I told them that if I get a similar offer in a cigar related industry I’d leave for that, mostly because we started getting into a conversation about hobbies and such. It was pretty cool.

There’s more I want to add, but I’ll wait and save something else for tomorrow. In the meantime, have a good day and a good weekend folks.


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  1. Congrats on your new job. That does look pretty cool!

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