Frustration, Success, and a Once in a Lifetime Experience

My Wife and I

It’s been almost 4 months since I last posted something here. I was slacking on this while working on some ultimately bigger things. Mostly getting married. I can honestly say I am never ever getting married again, regardless of what happens with my wife and I, I don’t think I can go through the preparations for a wedding again. Outside of a surprisingly low turnout for the ceremony itself, it was a success.

Ultimately, the success had very little to do with me. My wife, Tasha’s maid of honor, Heather was a huge help. Her boundless energy and absolute devotion to making sure Tasha had an enjoyable ceremony was an enormous help to Tasha (and to a lesser extent myself) during the final stages of the wedding planning and final preparations. Even during the reception she was constantly moving, making sure the refreshments were where they needed to be and well supplied. In the 3 days she was here, she finished at least 4 projects and put together something of a bachelorette party for Tasha.

My brother (and best man) Tony was a huge help, his willingness to work while we were busy putting up the canopy in the backyard for the ceremony, and being willing to help with anything asked of him was a huge help as well. He is admittedly not the brightest guy, but he follows direction well and when he needs to he has great ideas. He was a fantastic help, and honestly, it was nice to have him there.

Tasha’s brother Ben (and another of my groomsmen), was great with the shelter building and ultimately made that part of the preparations go. While he can be kind of a pain in the ass, he does know what he’s doing and often has good ideas. He’s a good man and in regards to the actual framing of the canopy we built in her grandpa’s backyard, he was the key figure in that process.

Tasha herself is fantastic, with little help for most of the wedding planning process and a lot of drama relating to the planning process. She handled it really well, and put together a beautiful wedding. She’s an amazing woman and I am incredibly lucky to have her as my wife. She looked even more beautiful than usual (I didn’t think it’d be possible for her to be more beautiful than she usually is) for the wedding ceremony. As soon as I saw her start down the aisle, I nearly started crying and my breath was taken away.

Ultimately there are a lot of people who helped a lot. Tasha’s grandpa and his wife for providing the venue. Her mom for making the cake. Reverend Kamrin Carver for being a complete professional with the ceremony while able to improvise and keep things loose on a day where so much could have gone wrong. Anyone getting married in the Salt Lake City area would do well to talk to Kamrin about doing their ceremony, he’s fantastic.

I can’t thank everyone who played a role in the ceremony enough, but I know I appreciate it. I just wish more people could have come to see Tasha on her wedding day, perhaps the most important day in her life so far. I am a lucky man, and I have a fantastic wife. I hope every man getting married is able to find a woman even half as wonderful as Tasha is.


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  1. Congrats my friend. I hope y’all live a very happy life together.

  2. Thank you, I appreciate it. I’m also very sure that she and I will be incredibly happy together.

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