Day 3… Still got Feeling

Day 3 of my renewed journey into the world of weight loss, and the results continue to be promising. Lost a bit more weight. Which I’m happy about, I’m inching closer to the goal weight I’ve ultimately set for myself. That’s good, I think I’ll stick with what I’m doing, until I plateau, then I’ll add in the additional exercise I have in the offing. A lot of people promote muscle confusion, and it’s something I may consider when I reach a certain point with the exercises on tap. So I’ll be looking into ways to do that. Meanwhile, lets go to the results of yesterday’s work.

Starting Weight: 320.4 pounds
Yesterday’s Weight: 319.4 pounds
Today’s Weight: 318.2 pounds
Change: -2.2 pounds
Goal Weight: 225.0 pounds
Pounds to Go: 93.2 pounds

Exercise: 1/2 mile walk

So, a total of 2.2 pounds lost this week, and in total since I re-dedicated myself to the loss of the weight that plagues me so much. I also need to clarify some remarks I made yesterday, specifically about my wife adoring me. She already adores me, but she would adore me more if I were slimmer. I imagine because not only would I have a fantastic personality, but a killer body to match.

Back to the overall theme of personal changes and improvements, I had a job interview yesterday. It went incredibly well, I have a second interview on Tuesday. This company while it’s still effectively call center work, is offering me better base pay (and more lucrative commissions and incentives) than my current job. I’m also being offered better hours and weekends off. Don’t get me wrong, I like Nest itself (themselves?), but the call center management where I actually work (it’s a third party) is inept, at best. So I’m glad to be potentially moving on. If I can reach the goals (which I have no doubt that I can) I would be bringing in about $23 an hour. That’s significant money, and would be enough to get financially caught up and perhaps even ahead of the game a little bit. Depending on how quickly I reach my sales goals and such, I may be able to get the down payment down on a new car for Tasha very quickly and then we can really make things happen for ourselves.

So, not only is my weight loss journey off to a promising start, so is my professional change. I feel like I’m moving in the right direction overall. Now, just have to keep the momentum.


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  1. I started at 335, I’m currently 220. It can be done friend.

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