All Over the Place

So I’m still doing the weight loss thing, or at least trying to. I’m down a bit since the last time I checked in. I’ve been walking the dogs nightly, and eating more salads and such. Although the results aren’t showing visually, they are showing on the scale, which I suppose is a victory. So let’s catch up on that, eh?

Starting Weight: 320.4 pounds
Last Weight: 318.2
Today’s Weight: 317.0
Change: -3.4 pounds
Goal Weight: 225 pounds
To Go: 92 pounds

Exercise: 1 mile walking

I expect to get more walking done on days I go to work, since I usually walk down to the TRAX station, which is a half a mile away, and according to the MyWalk app my walks with the dogs are usually a 1/2 mile as well. So there’s that. I think this coming Monday I’ll start working in some planks. Probably start with 15 seconds worth of plank each day, and build that up until I can hold a proper plank for 45 seconds. From there, I’ll start working in push ups, probably with 10 a day at the beginning and focusing on proper technique. I’d rather do 10 perfect push ups than 20 half-assed ones.

Beyond that, it’s been a matter of working to get things back in order financially after the wedding, payday loans are a pain, but they were the simplest option when it came to financing the final details of the wedding. Still, I have a few job offers and interviews in the works, I’m sure at least one of them will work out for me. One of them is at the college I’m currently enrolled in, Stevens-Henager College. So if that works out, I feel like I’m in a good position to make that work out and really bring some experience with the college’s educational process to help me in that position. So I’m hoping it works out for me. Even if it doesn’t I have a few other potential jobs that could work out for me and pay a similar amount of money. So I think I’m close to getting to where I want to be financially.

Beyond that, I just upgraded my phone from an LG Quantum to a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and with that upgrade the manager at the AT&T was willing to give me a significant discount on a Sony Tablet P as well, so I effectively got it for free. So now I’m an Android user, so far I like it, but it’ll definitely take some time for me to get used to again. I need to get a hold of a WordPress app for the tablet, so that way I can update my blog from work when I don’t have time before work, and all of that. Cause I know all 4 of you reading love my blog.

Beyond that, I’m hoping to come up with a miracle and be able to buy some Liga Privada No. 9s while they’re in stock, but I don’t see that happening for me this time around. I would absolutely love to try both main blends of the Liga Privada line (No. 9 and T52). So we’re hoping I can get financially set soon and then can put money back for at least a couple 5ers of Ligas, if not a box.

Ultimately, there’s not much going on in my world worth writing about right now. So, thanks for reading and have a fantastic day.


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