I’m Slipping

So I didn’t get a chance to post an entry yesterday, even though I did continue to lose some weight and I had some other things on my mind I was considering blogging about. Oh well, no use crying about it now, today will probably be a two post day. This post and a post after I weigh in for today. As I write this entry I’m sitting outside in the rather cool morning air, smoking an AJ Fernandez fresh-rolled maduro corona. AJ Fernandez is one of my favorite cigar manufacturers, and he has yet to disappoint me with his blends (I have run into a couple construction issues, but I can overlook the occasional cracked wrapper if the flavor is good enough). It’s mild enough for a morning smoke for me, so I think I’ll need to purchase myself a full bundle when I have an extra 45 dollars to spend. In this post, we’ll just review yesterday’s weight loss, and then maybe I’ll get into other thoughts in my second entry for the day. So, let’s kick this pig… that was a fat joke.

Starting Weight: 320.4 pounds
Last Weight: 317.0 pounds
Yesterday’s Weight: 316.2 pounds
Overall Change: -4.2 pounds
Goal Weight: 225 pounds
To Go: 91.2 pounds

Exercise: 1/2 mile walking

Aside from not being able to walk the dogs when I get home since I’ve been working late to make up hours for time missed on Sunday, I haven’t made many changes to my beginning routine. I’m thinking maybe I need to start waking up earlier, say 6:00 or 6:30 so I can walk the dogs and smoke a cigar before getting ready for work. Then I can bump it forward another half hour when I add in my other exercises. We’ll have to test that and see how it works out for me.


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