Steady, I like Steady

So, as promised my second entry of the day. I weighed in before showering (like I usually do). After this morning’s weigh-in I’ve officially lost 5 pounds. Which is less than a pound a day, but still it’s a nice small threshold to cross. I hope it continues and I can get to an even pound a day loss. That would be fantastic, because I’m noticing some other changes in myself. We’ll get to that after today’s results.

Starting Weight: 320.4
Last Weight: 316.2 pounds
Today’s Weight: 315.4 pounds
Overall Change: -5.0 pounds
Goal Weight: 225 pounds
To Go: 90.4 pounds

Planned Exercise: 1/2 mile walk

So, yeah, exactly 5 pounds lost since I restarted on my weight loss trek. I’m happy with that, not just for the physical improvements that it’s clearly bringing. It’s bringing some other positive changes to my life. I’m more energetic, almost to the point where I have a hard time staying seated at work. Of course, the issue with that lies in the fact I have to stay seated to make sure I take the caliber of notes my position requires when I’m troubleshooting and fixing Nest customer’s problems. I’m also feeling a bit more confident in my day to day interactions. I think that will really help me with my upcoming interviews, interviews for jobs that are much more lucrative than my current position. I can always use more money in my paychecks, then I can pay off the debts currently on my record, and get back to the point where I can save money for a vehicle for myself (or one for Tasha and I take over the payments on the Malibu), and then a down payment for a house for Tasha and myself. If things break right, I think I can also start putting back something like 25 or 30 dollars a pay into a prepaid debit card so I can purchase cigars without worrying about upsetting the rest of the budget.

So, overall I think this iteration of my weight loss journey is going to have a lot of positive effects, and I think that those positive effects will help me make some serious improvements on my life. I would love to be able to live a good life, have the American Dream (no not Dusty Rhodes) in my life. Even if it seems like the American Dream is dying a slow painful death, I’m a throwback and I think it’s something that I could take a lot of pride in. Maybe if things continue breaking right, we can purchase a house and pay it off even more quickly than our mortgage length would be. That said, I will need to look into credit repair services, see if I can shoot my credit score up quite a bit and get a good interest rate on those potential loans. One thing at a time though, have to pay off the current debts that won’t go away unless I pay them. So with that said, I should finish getting ready for work.

Have a great day, readers.


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