Big Drop

So, as some of you may have noticed, there was no entry yesterday. Since most of my entries are revolving around my weight loss, when there was no change on the scale, I didn’t see any reason to write an entry about it. There was however a change today, a large change. I wasn’t expected for a change quite as large as today’s weigh-in findings. I’m ecstatic about the result of today’s weigh-in. So let’s take a look shall we?

Starting Weight: 320.4 pounds
Last Weight: 315.4 pounds
Today’s Weight: 313.2 pounds
Overall Change: -7.2 pounds
Goal Weight: 225 pounds
To Go: 88.2 pounds

Planned Exercise: 1/2 mile walk

So, a 2.2 pound drop in weight was unexpected, but with how far I have to go, it’s a pleasant sight to see. If I can keep up with the mostly steady weight loss until I reach my goal, I’ll be at my goal weight by the end of October. Constantly seeing positive results on the scale helps keep me on track with my eating habits and my exercise (although the dachshunds also keep me on track with walking the dachshunds). So I’m happy, and I’m working on being a better agent at work. I’m also working on being a better husband for Tasha. Of course, I’m also looking for a better job, and I’m not sure what else I can do to be better for Tasha, except maybe improve my communication.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to head outside for a cigar, then I’ll get ready for work. Today is my Friday, so I have Monday and Tuesday off. Monday being a big interview day. Interview with Comcast for an outside sales position and an Interview with Stevens-Henager College for an Admissions Advisor position. I’m hoping for either one, because they both pay well and I think I could do either one very well. The Stevens-Henager position might prove to be best for me, since I’ll be taking online courses and I can give potential students an accurate depiction of the college life at SHC and what to expect, as well as how worthwhile it’s been. Also, if the schedule is close to what it was when Tasha had applied for the position, well then I’ll have plenty of time to keep up with my online classes as well.


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  1. Rynnee Newman

    You are moving along nicely! Great work. 🙂 The smallest steps are sometimes the ones I cherish the most. 🙂

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