A… .1 of a milestone

I’m sitting outside, found a shady spot in the backyard. Lit up an Illusione 88 maduro cigar, it’s a robusto sized smoke. It’s a medium bodied cigar, but it has tons of flavor and even though it feels substantial in the hand, it has a very easy draw, making it an a-okay smoke in my book. It’s a fairly expensive cigar (at least here in Utah, it retails for about $13 per stick) even outside of Utah it sells for about $8.50 a cigar. Meaning it’s usually outside of my price range, but sometimes you have to spoil yourself. (doesn’t hurt that it was gifted to me, heh)

Why am I celebrating with this higher brow cigar? Because today I stepped on the scale and was granted by an even bigger drop in weight than yesterday. Today was a big day, and I danced a little bit between the scale and the shower before getting ready for my job interviews. (more about those later on) So, what exactly happened? Let’s get to the results, shall we?

Starting Weight: 320.4 pounds
Last Weight: 313.2 pounds
Today’s Weight: 310.4 pounds
Total Change: -10.0 pounds
Goal Weight: 225 pounds
To Go: 85.4

Today’s Exercise: 1/2 mile walking

Yes, I dropped 2.8 pounds, bring my overall weight loss to 10 pounds. With this miniature milestone, I’ve started thinking about how I intend to reward myself when I reach other milestones along my journey. I’m thinking when I reach a total loss of 50 pounds, I’ll probably get myself a box of the best cigars I’ve had recently (Man O War Puro Authentico maduros) and when I when I reach my goal, I’m thinking either a new suit or a box of Liga Privada No. 9s. I’ve also considered getting myself a new smoking chair when I reach 25 pounds lost. Regardless, I’ll need new clothes sooner rather than later (particularly if I keep up this rate, which I don’t think is really sustainable). I’ll settle for steady half pound losses after this.

The reason my entry today is later than usual is I was hoping to have good news about those interviews I mentioned earlier (both in the last week and today’s entry). And in a way I do, I have a second interview with Comcast, and I think my interview with Stevens Henager College went really well. Unfortunately, I won’t know if I have a second interview with SHC until later this week (probably Wednesday or Thursday). I will follow up with them on Friday morning if I haven’t heard from them, I hear luck favors the bold. Time to start trying to be the bold.

So, I’ve got a few irons in the fire, but I’m sure once I start getting things cleared up financially I’ll be ready to start knocking down some doors, and making some noise. Maybe making some inroads on larger goals, home ownership and the like. I’ve got the woman I want, now it’s time to build the rest of a life around her and what I already have. As Biffy Clyro put it, “Take the pieces, and build them skyward.” Thanks for reading folks, I appreciate all of your support.


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