Minor Setbacks

Based on the scale this morning, it’s about time I add more exercise to my daily plans. I didn’t lose any weight today, in fact I gained a little bit back. Pulling me away a small amount from my goal. I’m sure getting back to the work routine will help me get back on track, but I’m thinking that it’s time to add my next exercise to the regimen. I think as of tomorrow morning, I’ll start throwing in some planks to my workout routine, as well as an additional walk with the dogs each day. That’ll put me up to 1-1.5 miles walking (depending on whether I’m working or not) and 15 seconds of plankness (I am doing my best not to use the word planking in this entry cause planking was a ridiculous craze and I refuse to help bring about a second coming of that). Any way, let’s get to the results.

Starting Weight: 320.4 pounds
Last Weight: 310.4 pounds
Today’s Weight: 311.0 pounds
Overall Change: -9.2 pounds
Goal Weight: 225.0 pounds
To Go: 86.0 pounds

Today’s Exercise: 1 mile walking

So, yeah, over the course of 2 days I gained 0.8 pounds, which isn’t a lot. Still, it’s a minor setback, so the more work I put in on my days off from work will help counteract that, and keep me from gaining larger amounts of weight everyday. I want to get into a steady rhythm of losing weight, even if it’s not 2+ pounds a day. A half pound lost everyday will add up. So, I’ll keep to my plan and add in exercise now that I’ve suffered my first setback on this attempt to get down to my goal weight. It makes sense in my mind, that what I’ve been doing up to this point is less effective, so if I add something else, make my body work harder, the weight loss will continue and when I have a setback like this, I can add more exercise into the routine.

On an unrelated note, I think I may start writing a themed blog. I’m thinking something relating to cigars and the cigar smoking lifestyle (and if I start smoking a pipe as I would like to do I could include that as well). I have tried this before, but life got in the way and I left it by the wayside. At this moment, I’m thinking I have to do something more with myself on my days off. I can review cigars and various accessories. I don’t expect it to be a smashing success or anything like that, but by writing cigar reviews it’ll help me get more out of my cigars and maybe develop my smoking palate a bit. I doubt it’ll turn into a full time career or anything like that, but it could be something. It might help out some new cigar smokers as well.

Beyond that, I’m trying to find an artist to do a piece for my next tattoo. A jolly roger-esque skull smoking a cigar. It’ll combine my interest in pirates and my love of cigars. I think it has the potential to be bad ass. So, on the off chance anyone is reading this, I am in the market for this piece and I may be willing to pay for it, depending on your asking price. Beyond that, I’m just mentally preparing for work. As well as working on figuring out the best time to complete my final for my Principles of Advertising course.


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