Wrong Direction? Not Necessarily.

Smoking a AJ Fernandez Fresh Rolled maduro corona

Morning cigar, an AJ Fernandez Fresh Rolled maduro corona

So, this morning I weighed in, and I was briefly disappointed. My overall weight has increased, that’s disappointing, but I noticed something else that brought me back to being pretty confident about the work I’ve been putting in. My scale also measures things such as body fat percentage, bone weight, and such. My body fat percentage has dropped significantly, it would regularly be in the mid-50 to mid-60 percent range. This morning, it was down to 44.6 percent. Granted, that’s still not good, but it’s something that I can use to keep my spirits up as the weight itself grows.

The results of my weigh in, based purely on weight are as follows.

Starting Weight: 320.4 pounds
Last Weight: 311.0 pounds
Today’s Weight: 312.4 pounds
Overall Change: -8.0 pounds
Goal Weight: 225 pounds
To Go: 87.4 pounds

Today’s Exercise: 2.0 miles walking, 10 second plank

So, I’ve started adjusting my workout plan, adding more exercise. Exercises that specifically target my core, which is my big trouble area. So I’ll be doing these planks every morning, for 10 seconds a day to start (need to make sure I have proper technique with any exercise I do) and then once I reach 30 seconds a day on those, I’ll add in push ups. Again starting with 10 push ups, maintaining technique and then moving up. I figure when I get up to 50 seconds and 50 push ups without any major huffing and puffing, then I can add more exercises. This could all change if I stop seeing any gains at all from the workouts I’ve been doing. The point for me is to get consistent results.

Beyond that, I don’t have much else to add today. Just going to work in a bit and I intend to make it as good of a day as I possibly can.


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