New Beginnings

It’s 7:32 am here in Salt Lake City. I’ve been awake for about three and a half hours now. I’m not feeling really sleepy, but I’m sure that will change by the end of the day. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this morning. Mostly about what I need to do to get everything I want out of life, now and in the future. I’m also thinking about how my past, and my eventual future, would have changed had a few events gone differently. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with my life here overall, I mean there are some changes I would make to it to improve it, but those things are mostly out of my control so I have to live with what is, and not what could be.

I did a workout this morning, although it wasn’t with my usual intensity. Mostly because I got interrupted pretty regularly by Copper the Wonder Dachshund. He likes to use Tasha and I to distract Patrick from bones, and that was what he was attempting to do this morning. So, it interrupted my stomach crunches when he crawled onto my chest and stomach. It’s cute enough, I suppose, but I would have preferred being able to get all of my crunches done with more intensity. I’ll have to work on the workout plan. As well as figure out a way to distract the dachshunds.

My workout is a key to getting where I want to go physically. Not only do I have the workouts, but soon will be getting some body shaping sessions in, help burn my fat and reduce the overall size of my gut. I’m hoping to look more like I did back when I was an even sexier beast. Ultimately 225 is my goal, and since the worst of my fat issues is in my abdominal area, that’s been the focus of my workouts right now. I do need to figure out when I can work more cardio into my routine. The morning isn’t a time for cardio cause Patrick likes to bark at me while I’m on the elliptical trainer. Maybe a long walk with the dachshunds before bed is in order. I’m thinking if I can get down to 225, then I can look into parkour and muay thai training, a couple other things to help keep me in shape and to look a little more muscular and ripped, and it’ll make me seem like more of a renaissance man than I already am. That would be great. Most important part of the weight loss goal is to look great in my tuxedo for the wedding as well as in suits once I start buying and wearing them.

Later today, I take my first classes at Stevens Henager College. I think I’ve mentioned taking Graphic Arts classes, since it would help me in web design, as well as general design. With proper graphic arts skill I can go in a lot of different directions. Ultimately, I want to be able to open my own business in web design. Although, I don’t know if that’s a realistic option right now, it’s definitely something I want to accomplish. I feel like I can accomplish that, I can start really getting to my worldly possession goals. Things like buying a house, buying a new car, and being able to build a humidification room for my cigars in the basement of said house. Who knows what I could accomplish if I can start up and run a successful business of my own. I know that web design is going to be a really competitive field so I’ll definitely need to set myself apart from the competition. Maybe I should have taken a few more marketing classes. Ah well.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot to look forward to. As long as I continue on the path I’m on. Increasing difficulty where I need to, destressing when I have to. I think I can really get where I want to go. With the right training, you can remake yourself into what ever you want. Right now I’m full of hope for the future, and for the present as well. From this point forward it’s about turning things around, going upwards instead of downwards, and making it a win. Condense the nonsense and let’s kick this pig. Okay, maybe I’m not that gung ho about it. I have hope though, and that’s a start. The song of the day today is “Windfall” by Son Volt


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